No Filter....Stories Better Left Untold: Part 1

Jeff Worley, guitarist and founding member for the multi-platinum selling rock band, Jackyl has put in over 25 years on the road as a professional musician. Along with selling millions of records he and his band also hold two Guinness World Records and have been featured on two television shows, TruTV's "The Full Throttle Saloon" and Adult Swim's "Squidbillies". Jeff makes his first foray into the world of writing, chronicling some of his craziest endeavors and experiences. Pull up a chair and get ready for some unsavory laughs. Read this great review.

“Jeff and I met once and swapped stories long enough to convince me he's a lot better comedian than I am a musician. I couldn't wait to read Jeff's book and he didn't disappoint. The man jumped on one hell of a ride, and kept enough of his brain cells to get it all down on paper - dodged the Darwin Award for the Hunter S. Thompson fellowship.” — Ritch Shydner 


Dawg Eat Dawg

Jeff Worley and Roman Glick of the multi-platinum selling rock band, Jackyl have put together a fun and factual guide to exercise, fitness and eating healthy on the road. Peek into the personal lives of what it's like to be a rockstar and maintain a six pack no matter what your age! Fun fact: Did you know? What crazy ingredient is in commercial white bread? Close your pie hole, step on your tread mill and get ready for some healthy and hilarious recipes and fitness routines.


SUPER V - Kuckaburro

Kuckaburrow is a must have book of lyrics and explanations of each song from the debut SUPER V album, “Three Headed Monster” by Jeff Worley.

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