About Jeff Worley

Jeff Worley, guitarist and founding member of the multi-platinum rock band, Jackyl has put in over 25 years on the road as a professional musician. Along with selling millions of records he and his band also hold two Guinness World Records and have been featured on two television shows, TruTV’s, “Full Throttle Saloon” and Adult Swim’s, “Squidbillies”. Adding to that, Jeff is the author of three books, his first, the hilarious “No Filter, Stories Better Left Untold”,  his cookbook with Jackyl bassist, Roman Glick“Dawg Eat Dawg, A Rockstar’s Guide to a Healthy Life While Being the Life of the Party” and the newly released, “Kuckaburro” which is the lyrical accompaniment to the newly release Super V record ( Jeff and his brother Chris’s side project) .  Now Jeff is presenting the world with another one of his passions; painting.

At a very young age, Jeff’s artistic side was surfacing.  “Before I could even play a note on a guitar, I would draw things and dream about things to come”. In the 9th grade, he would draw stage sets, drums, and Marshall stacks as his artwork for extra credit in school. He would use rulers and a compass to get everything perfectly square. “I already had everything designed and thought out before I had a band, including the original Jackyl logo”. When he didn’t use such tools and drew free handed, something completely different would come out and that led to the painting.

“I envy anyone that can paint realistically, for instance, my wife who can paint any scenario and it looks like the real thing. So, with me, if you’re expecting Bob Ross, forget it. I’m Bob Ross but in a weird way. Don’t expect hills, mountains, and portraits. I can only paint what comes out of my head at that very moment. If I think about it for one second, I’ve just wasted paint and a canvas. I just got to let it flow. And in my opinion, if you let it flow, you come up with your own unique style.

With my family lineage of pirates on one side and United States Marines on the other, as well as my relentless musical career, it’s my opinion that if you believe in yourself and what you're doing, you must be willing to go down with the ship.  I think I’ve proven that I’m willing to go down with the ship. And you can compare that to some of my heroes in the art world.

Leonardo da Vinci: “Not only was he out of my league and could paint someone’s face and it would look just like that person. Then at night, he would dissect bodies down at the morgue”.

Jean-Michel Basquiat: “It’s amazing how he could combine real life with art and it wasn’t perfect, it was insane. When I say “perfect” I mean it wasn’t a portrait of King Arthur, it was hard core harsh. It was punk rock. It was brilliant”.

Banksy: “Known all over the world for defiantly spray-painting city buildings and structures like a phantom in the night. He’s probably the one I relate to the best. You’ve probably stood right beside a sample of my artwork in a bathroom stall somewhere”.

Pablo Picasso: “His interpretation of everything was insane. I love abstract impressionism”.

Jackson Pollock: “He would throw paint and it would look brilliant. I watched a movie about him. He would get to the edge of greatness and then screw it up for himself. I can’t tell you how many musicians I know that have done that”.

Jeff Parsons: “An unknown artist from Kansas City. He can paint brilliant nonsense that looks like the real thing. I know this because he has done a lot of work for my band, Jackyl (That’s the “nonsense” part!)”.

Now you have a good idea of what Worley The Pirate is all about. It’s not just painting, I have spread my creativity to custom guitars, clothes, writing and anywhere I can leave the stain of Worley The Pirate. This is just the start so, "JUMP ON BOARD"TM.